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Air Emission Calculator. The following calculator can help you determine if you need a permit. The calculator uses emission factors from the. Environmental Protection Agency’s AP 42, AP 42, Fifth Edition Compilation of Air Pollutant Emission Factors, Volume 1: Stationary Point and Area Sources, Chapter 11.19.2 Crushed Stone Processing.

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2.0 Description of Emission Sources

2.1 Point Sources This subsection describes the stationary sources of emissions at the BCM. 2.1.1 In-pit Ore Crushers and Transfer Points The existing in-pit ore crusher is equipped with a baghouse to control emissions. All exhaust air from the crusher is routed through the baghouse before being vented to the atmosphere.


Crusher Screen N/A No Emission Source PM 10 Emission Calculations PRIMARY CRUSHING CONVEYORS AND TRANSFER POINTS Uncontrolled Emission Factor (lb/ton) Total PM 10: PM 2.5 Emission Calculations Total PM 2.5: Uncontrolled TSP Emission (ton/year) Controlled TSP Emission (ton/year) PM 10 PM 2.5 Uncontrolled Controlled TSP partial enclosure (assume ...

APPICATION FOR PERMIT for sand and gravel operations

EMISSION POINTS – CRUSHERS/GRINDERS Process Rate Controls Emission Factor (lb/ton) ID# Crusher Type (TPH) Type Efficiency Controlled Uncontrolled SCREENS Process Rate Controls Emission Factor (lb/ton) ID# Screen Type (TPH) Type Efficiency Controlled Uncontrolled . DEQ Form # 100-110 PAGE 2 of 2 Revised 8/28/97 ...

Egle AQD PTI GEN Cond Crushers State of Michigan

1.2a Any equipment enclosed within a building No visible emissions 1.2b All crushers 15 1.2c Screens 10 1.2d Rock drills 5 1.2e Conveyors/Transfer points 10 1.2f Wash screens and all subsequent equipment downstream up to the next crusher or storage bin No visible emissions 1.2g All equipment controlled by a baghouse dust collector 7

APPENDIX D Air Quality Calculations

crusher or conveyor feed and/or discharge points. Such spray systems at transfer points and on material handling operations have been estimated to reduce emissions 70 to 95 percent.

2007 Area Source Emissions Inventory Methodology

To calculate emissions, we reviewed the processes present in permitted facilities. From this, we determined that a typical small operation has 1 crusher, 1 screen, 5 conveyors and 1 acre of stockpiles. It is further assumed that the crusher processes one half of each facility’s throughput. For calculation simplicity, the crusher emission

Permit to Operate

Emission Unit ID Emission Point ID Capacity Emission Unit Description Year Installed Design 1 Control Device2 MTST-00-CS-CRH-5 MS10 Primary Crusher #5 to Conveyor MTST-00-CS-CNV-H2 1985 1200 TPH FE MTST-00-CS-CHT-C2BP MS10 #4 Crusher By Pass Chute to MTST-00-CS-CNV-C2 1972 800 TPH FE MTST-00-CS-CHT-H2BP

Control Of Air Emissions From Process Operations In The

Emission points following these process activities such as secondary and tertiary crusher and screen and recirculating conveyors would be controlled by a baghouse collector. Combination systems have higher annualized costs than full wet suppression systems, but less than fully dry systems when water is readily available.


Fugitive Emission - Particulate matter not collected by a capture system and released to the atmosphere at the point of generation. Initial Crusher - The point of …

John Twitty Energy Center Springfield

emission points contribute only minimally to the overall model. The emission release point will remain in ... parallel to two crusher/dryer Enclosed, no emission point : E08C ; Two feeders per bunker feed coal in-parallel to two crusher/dryer Enclosed, no emission point : E12A ; …

AP 42 Section 11.19.2 Crushed Stone Processing and

Emissions of PM, PM-10, and PM-2.5 occur from a number of operations in stone quarrying and processing. A substantial portion of these emissions consists of heavy particles that may settle out within the plant. As in other operations, crushed stone emission sources may be categorized as either process sources or fugitive dust sources.


In general, a rock crushing plant will have a primary crusher, primary screen, secondary crusher(s) and secondary screen(s), and associated conveyors and stockpiles. It may also involve portable generators powered by diesel engines. Emissions of each pollutant must be less than 100 TPY for the facility to …

Stone Crushers Emission Factors

Stone Crushers Emission Factors. Popular Q & A About Stone Crushers Emission Factors. CIROS plant is the largest and leading crusher manufacturer in …

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